Check your commission using this link.


Check the Facebook group for details on new products, the latest updates & to stay up to date with the latest details with the brand.


Download the scheme details.




How do I check my commission?

1. Click this link

2. Log into your account

3. From the home page scroll down to the 'Your earnings info' box to check your commission

I forgot my login - what should I do?

1. Click this link

2. Reset your password by clicking the 'Forgot Password' link on this page

3. If you are still having trouble logging in email us & we will reset your password manually -

When do I get paid my commission?

We pay commission on the 1st of each month.

We total the amount of commission you have made from the month prior and pay that amount in full.

For example commission earnings from January will be paid on February 1st.

How do the commission tiers work?

Our commission is tiered and rests at the start of each month.

Sales Total is noted first following by the % of commission that you will earn based of the sales total.

$0-$99 - 5% commission

$100-$199 - 10% commission

$200-$499 - 15% commission

$500 and over - 20% commission

How will my commission be paid?

We pay commission in the form of a Gift Card direct to the email address that you have on file.

If you earned commission from the month prior stay tuned to your emails on the 1st of each month for the Gift Card.

What is the minimum total of commission that I need in order to get paid?

We pay commission when the cumulative total is greater than $10

Your commission total carries over from month to month.


Where can I find my custom code?

1. Click this link

2. Navigate to the 'Info Page'

3. Your code will be displayed under the 'Coupon Code' section when you scroll down the page

Where can I find my custom link?

1. Click this link

2. Navigate to the 'Info Page'

3. Your link will be displayed at the top under the 'Your affiliate link' box.

Either the full link or the shortened link will work.

I have multiple links I want to promote through my bio - what is the best way to set both up?

If you wish to promote multiple links (maybe you are an affiliate for multiple companies) we recommend using this software to add multiple links to your Instagram bio


Do I earn commission from my link or code?

Your code and link will both earn you commission when a customer makes a purchase.

If a customer purchases a product using your coupon code you will earn commission.

If a customer purchases a product through your custom link you will earn commission.

If a customer purchases a product through your custom link AND enters your coupon code they will NOT add up.


Where can I find the latest releases?

We always announce product launches first over on our Facebook Group

Our new launches always go live under our 'New Releases' collection on the website.

How can I get access to products before anyone else?

Stay tuned to the Facebook Group for all the latest updates on product launches!

How long do I get to purchase new items before they release on the website?

We usually give our Influencers 24 hours to purchase products before they release to the general public.

For these 24 hours ONLY our Influencers are able to buy the new products.



If you have any questions with any of our Influencer Scheme PLEASE get in contact. I aim to get back to everyone within 1 business day.